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PR: Your Company in the Media

Your company needs a good public relations campaign.

PR builds a company’s image establishing brand credibility, strength, and prominence. It widens your brand audience and builds a loyal community of people who connect with your brand’s image, your story, and what you represent.

Our PR department connects with numerous media outlets to generate press coverage. Our press releases and media kits have landed our clients front page cover stories and feature articles in magazines, newspapers, industry journals, online publications, and more.

When you get a spot in the media, we work directly with the writers of the publications to make sure you're presented in the best possible light. We submit images and photos from our photoshoots of your company and product so your image is carefully managed.

Our photographers stage photoshoots and film shoots, hire models, obtain props, design shot lists, and then make it all come to life by shooting at different locations to get the perfect surrounding environment for each image or scene we want to create.

We shoot studio photography, product photography, on-location photography, fashion photography, and photojournalism photography and look for ways to give each shot or theme an original look or a creative twist.

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